Road Safety Round

11 July 2022

This year marks 31 years of the TAC and AFL Victoria working together to speak to
Victorians about road safety in order to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on the
roads. The message is just as important now as it was 31 years ago.

As part of that partnership, the 2022 TAC & AFL Victoria Road Safety Round will be
held on the 15-17th of July, and every club state-wide is invited to take part. But
this year, we aren’t just inviting clubs to participate, we’re calling on everyone in the
community to get involved by wearing a new kind of armband, a blue armband.

Paying homage to the black armbands traditionally worn on the field to honour a death
in the community, this new armband is a reminder we all have someone to drive safely
for. Whether it’s your mother, your mate, your sister, your son or your entire team;
whether it’s someone who is here, or someone who is no longer with us.

The band contains a QR code that can be scanned to see a number of videos from
Victorians talking about their reason for wearing the band, and everyone is invited to
share their own reason on their socials.

The aim is to use these armbands to help create awareness and encourage community
discussion about our mission to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Why is this important?
As of the 28th June 2022 we have lost 124 lives on our roads in Victoria. 124 too many.
Last year, even with statewide lockdowns and a decrease in the amount of drivers on the road, 232 lives were lost on Victorians roads. And during the past 5 years, 1,182 lives have been lost on Victorian roads. Of this, 526 were from Melbourne (44.5%) and 655 were from rural Victoria (55.4%).

For updated lives lost to date, please head to: http://www.tac.vic.gov.au/road-safety/statistics

How to Participate:
We encourage the club to promote TAC & AFL Victoria Road Safety Round across relevant media channels within the club, outside of the club and on social media. The idea is to promote messages that help the club and community understand what the round is about, and encourage everyone to wear the armband during the round, as well as share their own personal reason for wearing it on social media.

Social Media
Leagues and clubs are encouraged to promote the round across all social media channels. We also encourage your club to film a personalised reason as to why you’re wearing the band and participating in TAC and AFL Victoria Road Safety Round.

This Road Safety Round we want the entire community involved, not just the players and coaches. Because we all have a reason for wanting safer roads. So we encourage clubs to spread the word and hand out armbands to volunteers, parents, spectators, local workers, and the entire community, so they too can wear their support.

Local Media
Let your club members know about Road Safety Round by sending out an email or including information in your newsletter. Templates are available for you to edit and customise to promote why you support the round and how club members can get involved.

All relevant templates and media assets can be accessed in the following Dropbox link: https://bit.ly/3QXneW2

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