Control High Performance

20 July 2022

Founded in 2018, Control High Performance aims to provide Gippsland’s athletes with the physical skills and abilities to take their game to the next level. Control High Performance brings professional level sports science and strength and conditioning coaching to athletes, creating the first true high performance athlete development program in Gippsland.

When an athlete walks through the doors of one of their High Performance Centres, they are not just a number, they join a community of high performing athletes and coaches all striving to help each other achieve their sporting goals. From jumping higher, running faster, moving more efficiently, improving nutrition or even creating a detailed plan for individual success, Control High Performance provide it all.

The beauty in what they provide is that the coaches create a structured but also unique program for each athlete, aiming to increase on field and off field performance with the added bonus of reducing injury risk.

The team at Control High Performance have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of athletes from a huge range of sports, spanning grassroots to elite levels of competition. For more information about the elite services that Control High Performance have brought to Gippsland, head to their website here: An institute of sport in your backyard – Control High Performance or make direct contact with their coaches:
Trent at Warragul
Stu at Traralgon

Video: https://youtu.be/RQBxLOpjGWw

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