AFL Gippsland CCSP By-Laws

31 October 2023

AFL Gippsland Community Club Sustainability Policy (CCSP) By-Laws

AFL Gippsland have received approval from the AFL Victoria Community Club Sustainability Policy (CCSP) Advisory Panel for region specific By-Laws to take effect for the 2024 season. The By-Laws are designed to provide clarity to player pathways across all Gippsland Leagues with an avenue for all Senior Clubs to now have access to “home” 1-point players, whilst recognising the principals of the policy which encourages player retention and development.

Young footballers in Under 18s competitions (Under 17s in East Gippsland) will now have access to the season of service provisions which will enable them to have a 1-point deduction in their points allocation when selected for Senior football. Previously, younger player who did not meet the “home” player criteria were entering Senior competitions as 3-point players. It is envisaged that this will provide opportunities for talented young players to get more opportunity at Senior levels.

AFL Gippsland will continue to monitor the Player Points System and the implementation of the By-Laws to best ensure local conditions are meeting the intended purposes within the statewide framework.

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