Interleague Review

1 July 2022

A great crowd turned out at the Morwell Recreation Reserve for the 2022 Gippsland Interleague Carnival.

This years carnival crowned new champions as the West Gippsland Football Netball Competition dethroned Gippsland League as carnival champions for the first time since 2013. The carnival also welcomed back the East Gippsland Football Netball League after a two year absence from Interleague football.

All games were played at a great standard despite frosty conditions early in the day. Six leagues took the field, over 150 Gippsland footballers played in the carnival and 43 clubs were represented.

A new format was introduced with 3 leagues placed in separate pools, followed by ranking games against the same placed league from the opposite pool.

Pool A: Gippsland League, Mid Gippsland & North Gippsland
Pool B: West Gippsland, Ellinbank & District & East Gippsland

Final Scores

Match 1 – Pool A

Mid Gippsland: 2.5 17
North Gippsland: 1.1 7

Best Players:
Mid Gippsland: Lucas Vanderzalm, Ethan Woodall, Beau Melbourne, Clancy Mills, Zac Schill, Thomas Burt
North Gippsland: Charlie Moulton, Joh Fythe, Harper Fox, Luke Healy, Kohen Anderson, Harry Foat

Match 1 – Pool B

Ellinbank & District: 5.6 36
East Gippsland: 0.2 2

Best Players:
Ellinbank & District: Ned Ashton, Lachie Spinks, Ayden Ramm, Liam Lisle, Nicholas Caddy, Fintan Fox
East Gippsland: Tarkyn Nicol, Angus Burchall, Cameron Edwards, Noah Esdaile, Nate Somerville, Thomas Stephenson

Match 2 – Pool A

Gippsland League: 7.4 46
Mid Gippsland: 1.0 6

Best Players:
Gippsland League: Tom Stern, Hunter Tiziani, Trent McRae, Tew Jiath, Wil Dawson, Tom Gray
Mid Gippsland: Zac Schill, Beau Melbourne, Jay Ladson, Thomas Burt, Harrison McColl, Lucas Vanderzalm

Match 2 – Pool B

Ellinbank & District: 0.0 0
West Gippsland: 6.7 43

Best Players:
Ellinbank & District: Bryce Joyce, Hardy Kenny, Jarrod Meggetto, Liam Lisle, Ned Ashton, Cooper Brown
West Gippsland: Ben Taylor, Alexander Dijkstra, Jack Papas, Luke Ryan, Jehi Esler, Ben Sellings

Match 3 – Pool A

North Gippsland 1.2 8
Gippsland League 5.8 38

Best Players:

North Gippsland: Ed Phelan-Penson, Max Lazzaro, Harper Fox, Luke Hunter, Nathan Thomson, Joh Fythe
Gippsland League: Tom Stern, Kai MacLean, Ryan Maric, Zayne Atkins, Cohen Campbell, Hunter Tiziani

Match 3 – Pool B

East Gippsland: 0.0 0
West Gippsland: 13.5 83

Best Players:

East Gippsland: Ben Dekkers, Jet Kellow, Jack Betts, Emmett Carroll, Angus Burchall, Tarkyn Nicol
West Gippsland: Alexander Dijkstra, Max McDermott, Ben Taylor, Ben Sellings, Tully Dickie, Tahj Murphy

Finals – Game 1: Winner finishes 5th
North Gippsland: 4.7 31
East Gippsland: 4.6 30

Best Players:

North Gippsland: Kaden McCulloch, Hudson Tollner, Kail Hole, Luke Healy, Jay Diamond, Jai Williams
East Gippsland: Beau Lawrence, Emmett Carroll, liam Carroll, Jack Betts, Nate Somerville, Zac Stewart

Finals – Game 2: Winner finishes 3rd
Mid Gippsland: 4.3 27
Ellinbank & District: 5.6 36

Best Players:

Mid Gippsland: Lucas Vanderzalm, Zac Schill, Harrison Garlick, Flynn Schill, Zak Maynard-Barrett, Jay Ladson
Ellinbank & District: Ned Ashton, Ayden Ramm, Bryce Joyce, Clancy Pope, Fintan Fox, Billy Auldist

Finals – Game 3: Winner finishes 1st

West Gippsland: 4.2 26
Gippsland League: 3.3 21

Best Players:

West Gippsland: Ethan McDonald, Tully Dickie, Tex Marsham, Ben Taylor, Jehi Esler, Jack Papas
Gippsland League: Hunter Tiziani, Zayne Atkins, Todd Gowans, Wil Dawson, Tew Jiath, Tom Stern

2022 Gippsland Interleague Carnival Rankings:

1 – West Gippsland
2 – Gippsland League
3 – Ellinbank & District
4 – Mid Gippsland
5 – North Gippsland
6 – East Gippsland

2022 Gippsland Interleague Carnival Leading Goalkicker: Jehi Esler & Max McDermott – West Gippsland FNC: 6 Goals

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