Gippsland Australian Football Limited AGM


13 May 2024

To:Gippsland Australian Football Limited (the AFL Gippsland) Members
Cc:AFL Gippsland Directors and AFL Gippsland Staff
From:Tim Cotter, AFL Gippsland
Re:Annual General Meeting and Call for Nominations Notice

Dear AFL Gippsland Members

I am writing to provide clarification regarding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Call for Nominations Notice (below).

As members are aware, consultation has been undertaken regarding the reset process for the Region, which included the Voluntary Deregistration of AFL Gippsland as a Company and the creation of a newly established Region Council model.

As a way of update, AFL Gippsland has now met all Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) criteria set out under the Corporations Act 2001 to formalise the voluntary deregistration process. Nevertheless, it has been considered that the Region will hold their AGM and as part of the agenda, it is proposed that deregistration will occur post the AGM with AFL Gippsland formally being deregistered as a Company effective immediately.

Whilst the process will be direct, as per the Gippsland Australian Football Limited Constitution (Constitution), it is a requirement under clause 20.2(a) that we must Call for Nominations.

Clause 20.2(a) AFL Gippsland shall call for nominations 42 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting and all Members shall be notified of the call for nominations.

To ensure AFL Gippsland is compliant in meeting our obligations and as a formality, we are undertaking a procedural process to Call for Nominations through the required notice but provide an explanation that we will propose that a motion to deregister AFL Gippsland and the requirement to appoint elected Commissioners will not be applicable.

For enquiries contact Tim Cotter on 0499 395 322.

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